Concrete Coating

We have been providing quality concrete coating service for years and we pride ourselves on creating outstanding experience for each and everyone of our clients


We work on more comfortable and disaster-resistant concrete coating proposals and concrete coating of public facilities and office buildings concrete floors that will be a place of community activities.
We are involved in a wide range of concrete coating in the concrete coating business mainly from coatings(factories condominiums apartments floors etc.) Doctor's Offices,Hangers , Super Markets,WareHouses, Busstations, Terminals, Hospitals, Hotels, Drive Ways,  Walkways, cold rooms, schools and to conventional homes floors.
We are doing well also in the topics of
*General Cleaning
*Pests Control
*Walls Painting
*Tiles Installation
*Concrete Flooring Installation
creating outstanding experience that has to do with clean, pests free, aesthetic, and injury free Environment to make premises safer places to be.


We are happy to help you decide which design of color is best for your concrete floor environment, style and lifestyle


Concrete Floor Coating

Day - to - day

Once decision have been made, we will work quickly and minimize disruption to your day - to - day life so you can start enjoying your beautiful concrete environment as soon as possible.

Flow of your request

  • 【Schedule may be slightly different depending on contents of the request】
  • Inquiry / consultation:;SMOREK FLOOR 0814 477 4669 - 8/7
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Business Introduction / Company Overview

A word from the representative

SMOREK FLOOR experienced, knowledgeable team can install all types of floor coats, SMOREK FLOOR Team is an expert  on topic concrete coating flooring option

Business Introduction / Company Overview

Company name SMOREK FLOOR [Div]


Orji Smart
Date of establishment November 06 2019
Address 23 Emmanuel Okonne Crescent New London Estate Baruwa, Ipaja. Alimosho LG. Lagos, Nigeria
Phone 08144774669


Nov.18 1997 SMOREK ENTERPRISES [ Estd ]
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「January 25 1985」 Enter your text here

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